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In any type of business, now more than ever, your unique style is what sets you apart and leaves someone with a lasting impression.
I take the time to get t
o know your style, and your wishes - whether you have something specific in mind or not.  My creativity and skill at layout and design can make your site interesting and attractive.   

Additional samples of my graphic work are available, as well as references.

My Services Include: 

-  Domain name registration
-  Hosting service
-  Website design/creation
-  Content development for website, trifold brochure design
-  Consulting on current materials, website, brochures

-  Website management, ongoing maintenance
 Graphic design to create logos, promo materials, business cards
-  Photography sessions for website, or for portfolio
-  Photography editing and adding special effects
 Music consultation to run in the background of your site; composition on-demand; performance at business conferences

Even if you know how to create a website, it can be difficult to find the time to do so.  I can get the ball rolling for you, and then you can do the ongoing website management.  It also can be challenging to come up with words that describe yourself, your work, and what you have to offer.  I "interview" you to glean this information and we work together to shape your materials.

So please let me know if my services are of use- I am available as a consult on your current materials, and to suggest design changes or additions, even if you already have a designer you work with.

I am also a musician, and can compose music, create soundtracks, put music to lyrics, and compose on-demand if there is something you need.  On my music website,, you can listen to samples of my music.  Keep in mind, my range for composing is greater than what you will hear there (i.e. piano, orchestration, percussion, new age, electronic).

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